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Hi just moved to Guildford and surrounded by babies😢 4 IVF fails 5 years ago but still struggling......

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  • Hi anniespostbox how are you? It is so difficult, especially when you move to a new area and don't now people. It can be so hard to make new friends too, people always seem to do that at the school gates! I moved to a village a few years ago and it has really taken time so I do understand. Are there any groups that are non children related, singing, sewing, etc? It really depends on your interests.

    Also, we are about to take on a volunteer for More to Life who lives about an hour away from you, I wish it was closer, but hopefully you will be able to meet up once she's on board in the new year. If you would like to send me an email I will put you in touch once she's up and running :)

    My email is

    Stay in touch,


  • That sounds great - I will drop you a mail. Anne

  • Hi Annie. We have a Gateway group that meet up in Dorking every month, feel free to message me and i can give you the details. This has been a massive support to me to meet others in similar situations. Take care x

  • Hi I will be in touch - many thanks Anne