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Migraines and commuting to college?

Hello everyone,

Here's a long story and hopefully someone can help...

I found out just recently that I will have to transfer to a college that I would have to commute to because I can't afford my current college. The only problem is that the school I am transferring to is an hour and a half away by train. I can barely make it out of bed for classes when I live on campus so I don't know how I would deal with this. I am extremely nauseous in the mornings and often vomit and I can't move for the first 30-90 minutes after waking up. The migraines have been accompanied by a strange fever in the morning for the past 2 months and it gets up to a 102 often. I recently had 4 seizures this year, but they don't bother me much because I just sleep after they occur. However, the migraines are unbearable and I don't know feel safe traveling via subway because I'm always so dizzy and off balance. I'm always in such a haze and I worry about missing train stops and getting lost during a migraine episode. Night classes aren't really that different since I feel sick throughout the day and night. My migraines are better during the night, but that's usally because I just knock right out when I have a migraine. Furthermore, I'm worried about my seizures continuing and traveling alone at night.

Any suggestions? I really don't know where else to turn to.

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Get back to the Docs , priority.

Find out if there is anyone from your area going to that college maybe you can travel together.

I managed a degree last year with CH's so am sure you can cope with the migraines. but get back to Doc's and demand help!!


I totally agree with Andy - get yourself back to the docs ASAP!

As for college, have you asked whether they have any bursaries or schemes for people on need? Given the severity of your symptoms, I would say that you fulfil the criteria for disability discrimination protection and the college may therefore be able to help. Maybe they can waive the fees or match the other college? I'd suggest chatting it over with your tutor and / or the pastoral advisor.

Good luck.


Yes get back to your doctor, or find a new one with an interest in migraine/neurology. This is an important stage in your life and you need to be able to control your attacks as much as possible. We would be happy to help at the clinic, but I'm guessing from your post that you are based in the US so it may be a little far to come!


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