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In 2009 I suffered a minor head injury to my forehead whist on holiday, I came home and thought I was ok. Several months later I started having problems with my vision and saw zig zag shapes after sitting in the sun one day, followed by an almighty headache. I went on holiday and the heat affected my head giving me headaches and vision problems from waking I saw black flicks. One time I totally lost all vision on my right side whilst driving. The attacks have been less sporadic this year and I have only had one attack, preceded by a unbalancing sensation and followed by a headache and slight nausea. I have tried Amitriptyline and a triptan and anti epileptic medication, initially the amitriptyline stopped the cycle of headaches but then it affected my heart rate, so I stopped talking them. I have also had migraleve with good results in the past. I am currently off sick from work after an attack yesterday, which I took Ibrofuen with little effect. I have had a CT head scan and there is apparently no damage to my brain, but I never had headaches before the injury, I am also menopausal. Can anyone suggest a medication I have not yet tried to relive the headache.

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Can't suggest anything specific for the headache (I have botox injections, and when they don't work a bit of ibuprofen with lyseine added - you can buy from pharmacists - and migraleve together help).

But to answer your question about the burning on one side of the head - I get all sorts of painful sensations with migraine, and at other times, and burning is one of them. It's a type of nerve pain. Also only get migraine headache on one side, usually only ever the left but occasionally the right.


Hi Teadrinker thanks for that yes I only get the headache on the left side I wonder if that is common with migraine. I still think there has been some damage from the head injury, as I never had headaches before this.


Hi, I think migraine can be any side. Mine are always on my right, then it switches sides and I get a light secondary headache on the left after 24-48 hours. I would get back to the doctors and ask for further checks or try other medication. Good luck.


There are so many options to try that you really need to be seen by a specialist. We can offer you an appointment at National Migraine Centre - read more about us on our website: and you can request an appointment from the homepage. Every migraine sufferer is different so needs a personalised approach to identifying their triggers and effectively treating their symptoms.


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