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Cluster Headaches

Hi i got find out i have cluster headaches about three years ago it took a while to get the right medication. I cause to have things cluster headaches every day non stop, then it cut down very slowly. About three months ago i had no cluster headache at all which is very good. But laterly they been coming back very slowly once again and im afraid its going to be like it was all over again. I don't know if its coz im getting stress from starting a new job or maybe my private life, but however the past few days i have been feeling low in myself and im not sure.

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Hi Sarah,

Could be the stress from work etc, or it could be the stress from getting CH's again. I had them most nights for 6 years so far and counting, If you Docs understanding go and see them, maybe you need to change Meds?

If not try and talk with someone if you can, another sufferer?

It helps believe me, you can have a laugh sometimes about the whole shemozzle.

If you want mail me at: andyt267@talktalk.net

Best Wishes,



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