Wrong diagnosis?

I have been treated for migraine for nearly 7 years now, with little or no success. Having just experienced yet another period of intense pain over a period of three weeks and doing some research, I think I am suffering from cluster headaches. I'm not getting much help from my GP and wonder if anyone can recommend a good doctor in the Chepstow or Cardiff area? I'm desperate to get this under control.

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  • you can do telephone appointments over the phone at the migraine clinic, worth a try!

  • Might be worth trying another Doctor in the same surgery, but make sure they know the extent of your migraines. It was only when I said that I wanted the Doctor to take it seriously and prescribe better migraine relief that I was given Sumatripan sprays. I was told, although not sure if it is true is that the sprays are expensive so Doctors prefer to prescribe tablets but I would definitely recommend trying them. Don't take "No" for an answer and Good Luck!

  • Sadly a lot of GP's just don't have the specialist training that you might need, though many do now! I wish I'd seen a headache specialist earlier. Is there anyway way you could persuade a friend to help you come to London to the NMC? Failing that The Migraine Trust have a list of local headache specialists and clinics on their website.

  • Thank you all. I have been back to see my GP this morning, armed with heaps of information. I'm now in possession of a script for Sumatriptan injections and if needed, she has offered oxygen as possible option as well. More than anything I feel that she is finally listening to me!

  • You could have a look at this ouchuk.org/html/default.asp? If you look at the info leaflet in the sumatriptan, these guys are regarded as very helpful (they certainly have been for me!)

  • I'm a cluster headache sufferer and found help and information on the OUCH (UK) website.

    Diagnosis of CH is made by taking a very detailed case history - there is a Dr Pickersgill at University Hospital of Wales that specialises in headache disorders and he knows about CH.

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