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Left Headed Migraines?

I have always had right headed migraines since i was about 18 (now 32), then about 4 years ago i started getting left headed one - which were really severe and would basically keep me in bed for 2 days. It took about 2 yrs before the doctor realised and told me i was experiencing a migraine. I don't know if the following has anything to do with it or not, back in '05 i hit my head in a room with a very low ceiling and knocked my neck out of alignment and it impinged a nerve on the left of my neck causing grip issues and other issues with my shoulders and arms, i'm pretty sure i gave my self concussion, it took 6 months before i realised that i have actually trapped a nerve in my neck, the neck was put back in alignment but still have odd on going problems with my shoulders.

I was wondering if me hitting my head and trapping the nerve back in '05 could have caused the left headed migraines as i never used to get them on the left side before that or as bad as they have been and appear to have reverted back to? Has anyone had a similar experience or any ideas as to whether this could be the cause or is it just one of those things?

Does anyone else suffer from left headed migraines and if so are they worse than the right ones? I'm currently on Imigran 50mg (did come off it for a while as it stopped working as they all have and then went back on them and they now work again), buccastem m anti sickness (as and when required) and generally 1 paracetamol if i take it early enough then it will stop a migraine in it's tracks.

Any help, ideas and advice is greatly appreciated.

Puzzled :o)

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Mine are right headed migraines........but I am left handed so maybe that's why. The right eye and temple are so painful and sensitive.

Reply this is my support group, migraines have eaten my brain and i can't remember all the things i used to....thankfully there are many people that are knowledgeable and happy to share.

as far as i know it doesn't seem to matter what side, we recently did a survey w/in our group and we had left and right handed people, w/the same and opposite sides effected

as far as the pinched nerves, as you probably know that can only be determined by an MRI or CAT scan or some such test.......your concerns are valid and should be mentioned to your primary care or headache specialist


i've just requested to join your group :o)


:O) Thank you Eve and Cat, I'm right handed and started off with right sided - unless the left side felt left out - well you never know ;oD

Cat, I've had 2 mri's on my neck several years apart and all it shows is a damaged disc, the never was freed about 6 or 8 onths after it was trapped), but there is definitely nerve issues (in the shoulders as they now think) and i've got a consult on the 4th may and i'll mention it to them then as i've got what the Cervical Spine consultant said the chances are it's misfiring nerves and it's a live with it (well i have done for the last 7yrs) but we'll wait and see what they say, and i'll definitely mention my migraines to them to see what they say. Trying to actually get any one to even say that it's a possibility is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

Thank you both for your replies :o)


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