Hello there, and welcome to our online migraine community.

We want you to both feel supported and to support your peers in this community. The main ways to do this are via Blogs and Questions.

A blog - the term comes from web + log - is a way of sharing anything you feel like writing about. This could be something personal such as how migraine affects you day to day, or something more general such as the side effects of certain medication. Your blog is a space to share your experiences and comment on what others have shared.

Questions are a little more straightforward. If you have a question about anything relating to migraine just ask away. This gives other community members the chance to use their experience, point you in the right direction for an answer or give some further insight.

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  • Hello

    I found you through Mary on the Thyroid Uk site, hope this site becomes a lifeline for migraine sufferers as the Thyroid group has done for Thyroid sufferers & their families. Good luck hope it goes well!

    Debs :D

  • I'm so excited about this community and forum. I've suffered with complex migraines for over 13 years (you can read more on my profile) so a community of migraineurs like this is exactly what we need to share information, stories and experiences. Yay! Love Victoria

  • I found this site yesterday and although I live at the opposite end of the country to most "bloggers" I don't feel isolated in my problem.....logisitcs is a huge problem for me to get to any pain clinics or "migraine clubs" (if there is such a thing!) even appointments etc but this has kind of reassured me that I'm not alone =) thank you.xxx.

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