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Does anyone get migraines or insane headaches after the gym ?


Into my 3rd month of taking sumatrapin an migraines have eased slightly but I get woken up with the worst headaches after going to the gym.

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Curious what dose you are taking? If it is kinda helping, but not taking them away then I would guess you are taking 50mg. If you take 100mg it will take them away.

Just make sure you do not take more than 15 doses ( this could be 2x in one day). If you take more than 15 you will get "rebound" or chronic migraines.

Yes, exercise can cause migraines.

Please also make sure you are drinking plenty of water and never skipping a meal with protein.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice, I'm only on 1 10mg tablet a day so think I might ask for higher dosage, im currently looking into histamines etc🤞🤞

Not sure where you live, but here in the US we start at 50mg. Which is to low for me.

I use a pill form and an injection ( for really bad migraines).

But I can not live without my magnesium glycinate 3x a day.

Good luck!

Magnesium helps lower migraine for you? Thank you.

YES! I take it 3x a day at 400mg. I go most days without a migraine.

Do you mean you take 400mg X 3 a day, or a total of400 mg per day? Thanks once again!

2 Neurologist I have seen said no more than 1500mg daily.

400X 3=1200mg daily.. Sometimes I add 100mg in evenings.

low blood sugars are a common trigger for migraines and low blood sugar is more likely post vigorous exercise.

Strenuous physical exertion is a guaranteed trigger for me, and I believe that isn't uncommon. Tried lots of things to stop them coming on during/after exercise, e.g. water, electrolytes, glucose etc. but all to no avail. Solution now is simply to avoid strenuous physical exercise I'm afraid. If I'm careful not to exert myself too much I can do gentle exercise still though.

Yes, I started to get these exertion headaches after the neurologist at the time gave me a good not let my heart beat go above the 145 bpm & to never work out dehydrated. Water of at least 2.5 to 3 litres a day is a MUST. And salt into my water has also helped too after an intense work out....head pain after exercise I have learned is my body telling me when I’ve not done enough planning. Working out exhausted is never good. These are all migraine triggers...learnt the hard way.

As others have said, make sure you eat beforehand and after so your blood sugar levels don't drop. That will cause a migraine. Fats and proteins

My neurologist said to take ibuprofen just before you go to the gym or do vigorous exercise. It's worked brilliantly for me. This is along with nortriptyline and pizotifen every day and maxalt melts when I get a migraine. I take the normal dose of 2.

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