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Alice in wonderland syndrome?


I have posted a few questions now and everyone' so helpful ☺

I was seeing if others on here have ever experienced feeling as if there limbs or head has enlarged or gotten really small or the room they are in has gotten really small or really large ?

I have years ago it use to happen frequetly , it went like this .

I would be in bed about to fall asleep and suddenly it would feel like my hands were enlarging as if they were becoming that big that they would burst , also on separate occasions I would feel as if my head was enlarging or my bed room was the size of a footy flied .

It would feel so real like it was really happening yet at the same time i 100 % knew it was not happening.

I never told my dr or anyone put of embarrassmet but after researching these feelings , the name Alice in wonderland come up .

So apparently Alice in wonderland is related to migraines.

Has anyone had such feelings ???

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Migraine can produce lots of strange things, and AIWS is one of these although rare. I think so far I have had this perhaps just once or twice mildly in my life along with some other strange dreams. The usual advice from medical professional to me has been: Try avoid things that can trigger migraine such as - avoid red meat, chocolate, red wine and strong cheese, deep fried food, keeping to a regular sleep pattern and avoid hangovers and excess tiredness. Running and jogging has been found effective against recurrence. Many believe that this syndrome is hereditary.


A neurologist told me this is what Alice suffered from, I have chronic basilar migraine. The world often goes strange, depth perception is badly affected. People change shape and when they speak to me it as though their mouths become very large. It creates anxiety and stress which obviously make the migraines worse. I thought I was going insane but it is the migraines creating what amounts to temporal lobe fits.


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