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anyone have any advice

I'm currently suffering from chronic headaches/migraines which is leading me to get very little sleep, any time after 2-4 am some light, I have light sensitivity and not like driving at night. The most scary symptom of all is my very short term memory loss.... I cant seem to remember the simplest thing and its taking a tole on my day to day life. I am at a loss of what to do, I'm currently in PT and hopefully it helps but I've had these headaches for over a year now with them only getting worse. Had a CT done and turned up nothing. The pain and pressure I get around my head or even on one side of my head is unbearable. Any one have advice?

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That's what happened to me before too. Still does but only when I get a migraine episode which I'm currently on medication for which has helped a lot.

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my doctors told me that PT would help so I'm waiting to see if it does, I only used ibuprofen to help but then it started not working all together..thanks!


I had migraines through my teens to my 40’s. Then they seemed to go away. Last year they came back weekly (3-4 days to recover each time) and started to take my eye sight permanently. Last weekend I ended up in the hospital from it. Fortunately I already had an appointment with a balance and hearing specialist. I say that because she figured out that the migraines have been messing with my walking and everything especially this last one which left me with stroke like symptoms including short term memory problems. She explained so much to me including that the brain needs a few months to recover from one migraine or it starts having more problems. She explained so much about how to help lessen frequency and intensity and start to heal the problems which I can share with you if you would like. She also recommended a book called the migraine brain.


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