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i used to have migraines when i was very young it was fish related but stopped eating most fish and then gave up all fish and meat at 12years to become a vegetarian. about 28 i started eating some fish bit by bit like tuna, cod and salmon but not getting even a headache i am now 33 early this week i eat crab and have spent 3 days in bed with a migraine i have flashes of light a contently a tinny smell and taste in the back of my nose hard to concentrate feel sicky but not ill it is worse in the day i am takin painkillers but how long does this last work is not happy should i go to docs the thought of going out of bedroom i dont want to do. advice please,

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Hi Shellyanne, sorry the migraines returned. When I have food related migraines, I'm in bed for at least 3 days, feel nauseous, then it takes a few more days for the brain fog to lift. I can't eat eggs, milk, chocolate, soy and a few others. Unlike other migraines, food migraines for me are the worst.


do you get a strange smell and tease almost tinny? i am feeling but better today having sort spells of energy but then get drained and can be in the light a bit with sun glasses but want to go back to dark room, am i meant to push my self for longer time i have already had 4 days off work bosses seem to be getting irritated


Yes, I notice that I can smell things that aren't there, like cigarettes or toast. I have to drink a lot of water when I have a migraine, and I use a heating pad a lot. Light is also an irritant.


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