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Desperate needing help

Hello, I was been diagnosed with migraine recently and having severe migraine attack for almost 2 weeks now. I never have a days without a tears. At the moment we still waiting for the reviews of all the doctors I have seen. We also go to eye clinic to try maybe or hopely it's eye problem. I am not good in taking any medications but if I cant tolerate the severe pain I take my tablet straightaway. My condition affects my life now specially my job and it makes me sad because I never wish to have this. The only person who will understand me is the person who have condition like me.

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I am so sorry about you... i have the same problem ... i have been dealing with this from 2 months .... and it really tears you apart .... i have the pain at the back of my head .... i did cat scan ... which came normal ... many medicines bit no relief :( .... how did your pain start ... and where is it located most of the time .... ???


You might want to talk to your doctor about trying some migraine preventatives like the one I take, Verapamil, it takes a few weeks to begin to work and you start at a low level then build till you begin to have fewer and milder migraines.


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