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Im new here - Transition off of Horizant (gabapentin)


Any one had to down titrate off of Gabapentin and told to go drug free 5 to 10 days. Im totally freekin out, as I will likely not be able to work. I have vestibular migratings and they really kick my ass. I have this static electricity type symptom that is really well, debilitating. Have others had to cycle off of Gabapentin ....

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I had a horrendous time coming off gabapentin a couple of years ago. Was told to taper from quite a high dose over 3 weeks. After 2 weeks I went into massive withdrawals feeling anxious, shaky, rapid heart rate, tearful, really horrible. I had to walk out of work as I felt so strange.

Once I figured out what it was, I restarted on a lower dose and tapered much more slowly over 6 months. I also started venlafaxine at the same time which helped the symptoms.

Good luck with it.

I agree with RobinC21 I have had to come off gabapentin twice after having an awful time coming down from 900mg in 3 weeks like the doctor suggested. Next time I took myself off over 6 months. Drug 'holidays as they call them are just something we all have to do. It's not pleasant but you hope it will better in the long run.

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