Sex headaches

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Hi everyone as embarrassing as this may seem I would love to find some information that is very helpful.. I recently started having these really bad migraine headaches that only occur during sexual activities an worsens at the peak of orgasm.. I am not sure what to make of it other than it's become a huge problem.. I have an appointment to see my doctor to discuss this, but I'm wondering if anyone has any feedbacks on this subject..

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  • I suffer with this too. Started when I was 42, i am 50 now. I have spoken to my doctor who wasn't very helpful. Would love to know if anyone has any advice.

  • Yes i am praying to find some solution

  • I knew someone who used to have this problem. It stopped happening after a while. I think he learned to relax more, because it's all to do with tension.

    Hope this helps.

  • I am trying this been under a lot of stress also..

  • you're not alone ... lots of folk get 'em. when I was younger I'd be *poleaxed. seems poss connected with a back of head blood vessel thing, but haven't read much sensible on the subject. rubbish advice, but if you ... 'take it a bit easier' I find they're generally avoidable. they *do come and go though. check your blood pressure in meantime.

  • Thank working on taking it sure finding out this is soo coming in many ppl

  • Thank you just read it..

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