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I seem a bit contradictory when trying to raise everyone else's spirits about migraines, but at the moment I'm having a bad patch, migraines and mental health wise.

I got my results back yesterday from my MRI scans, and they haven't found anything. I'm a bit disappointed- don't get me wrong, I'm grateful nothing serious is wrong, but a diagnoses would at least make me feel that I'm not totally insane. Now I feel that everything that is happening doesn't even exist and I don't want people thinking I'm making it all up. Sigh.

I still have my lumbar puncture procedure next week, and I remember being told there was something in my left eye so maybe that might be another route after all of these tests.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm a bit low.

All the best to everyone xx

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Please be carful re having lumbar puncture,I have been left with a dural tear and the symptoms are as bad as cluster and migraines.

Have you tried cbt and meditation for your mental health issues,reactive depression is understandable.

Equally migraine medication made me feel incredibly low!!

I really hope you get some answers and some support.

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Hi wooly1977. I hope the lumbar puncture will show something, but am a bit nervous as you've stated you've been injured from the procedure. Has anyone managed to treat or help you with that since they did the damage?

Yes I have tried cbt, and am awaiting a psychotherapy and my psychiatry to start. I just need to have more faith and start organising my daily events out.

Thanks for replying, and all the best to you. Good luck with your health too :)


Hi princess-chiobits, Do not despair. We've all been there. I started migraine when I was 8 yrs old and I am now 43. do the maths... My mum and dad were very disappointed when my first results came out and there was nothing. Over the years, even in February this year, I had a CT and MRI and they all turned out clean. We know you are not making it up coz every classic migraneur knows and is going through exactly what you are going through. My cultured demands that we greet each other every morning after prayers. And in my family it has become a standard that my own form is greeting is "How are you feeling? Is the headache good or bad?" So hang in there. Here you will find solace in people who understand you.


in the UK you rarely get referred for tests...the assumption is that it is "just migraine" unless other symptoms present


I am a bit confused about the system in the uk as other countries seem to do a lot more digging around to see what can be done to help and treat problems. It's a shame really.


we work most likely and cheapest first, the us works to eliminate the serious first (I lived in florida and my son was born there) a completely different way of looking at the world. We dont have private insurance, so the govt pays :)


Yeah that does make sense, and instead of me moaning I could see a private specialist but I don't have enough money! I bet Florida was a different experience altogether!


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