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Baclofen as a preventative?

Does anyone use baclofen as a preventative? I had a neurologist prescribe it, but she moved out of state. My new neurologist said muscle relaxers shouldn't be used long term, and she stopped prescribing it. I've read online that there is research supporting the use of baclofen, which is an older medication often prescribed for MS. Baclofen worked, so I'm quite frustrated.

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Never heard if it but many of us used the old syndol for migraine relief, that had a muscle relaxant in it, now not allowed in the uk ..... phooey !!!!!!


Try peppermint oil! Works Amazing for migraines! You just dab a drop or two on urban finger and rub it on your head/temple/ neck etc. Good luck!


Yes Baclofen can be used as a preventative! I have MS and I am advised to continue taking it even if I'm not cramping because it will stay in your system and help you. Maybe your Primary can prescribe it? I also no that you should not bluntly stop it either! Good luck!


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