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I have headaches so much!

Hello everyone, thanks to everyone who replies to this following post, anyways, here it is...

I get headaches. Alot. Advil helps stop it somtimes, but i dont take advil to often because i know of medicines harmful side effects. I want to find good and natural ways to release my head pain, but ive tried many such as taking a hot/cold bad, heating up a cold/hot pad, letting it lay on my head, rubbing my temples, relaxing, going to bed early, but nothing seems to be working, and at this point i dont know what to do. I dont think im overworking myself, I go to school, then go to work, then do homework, study for exams then go to bed. thats my routine, people say i have to much stress, which may be true, but i cant do anything that will lower that stress. Overall, i feel that i get headaches too often, i hear of others having headaches but its never this often, ive gotten headaches for the past 3-4 years that have been my "norm" and my "everyday" I dont know what to do, but i need it to stop. Can anybody help? thanks.


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Emily, you need to get fully checked out by a doctor and get a referral to a headache specialist if the doctor you see doesn't have any answers for you. There are many kinds of headaches, some primary and some which result from other medical conditions.

I really doubt you'd be experiencing all this from stress, especially as you say you don't really feel stressed, so don't let people tell you this or make you feel inadequate because you can't 'release the head pain naturally'.

If you have migraine for example, you can identify triggers to try and prevent attacks, but it is a neurological disease and if you can't manage it with lifestyle and diet changes, you may need specialist medication.


Hi Emily, yeah i agree with Frodo, you need to see a headache specialist. Have you tried migralieve duo from the pharmacy? They could help you just now but you really need to find out what's causing this.

Good luck, hope you get a break 😔

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