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air travel made simpler with amitriptlyine and betablockers

Hi all, 

Not often i have good news to report on this site but I recently survived my first flight for ten years and a major conference speech through using a combination of my usual daily amitryptiline and three 10mg doses a day of propranolol taken on the day of flight, day of conference presentation and one 10mg dose of propranolol the night before both stressful events.  I had no migraine at all during my week away, dealt with a crisis in my mother's health when I got back and had 1 day of mild headache after that - no time in bed sick and no time off work, though I was very tired for about a week.

I know holidays with kids can be even more stressful than lone business travel - at least they were for me - but taking a combination of medications just for that mega-stressed few days does seem to reduce the severity of the follow-up migraine.

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Im surprised you could stay awake/upright long enough to deliver the speech !!  :)  I use propranolol before travelling, and eat something every 2 hours...well done you x


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