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I have migraine from little age I am 35 now my type of migraine is

When I think constantly few mints Or when read books I can't perpetration for driving test when I start reading in few mints my mind is Numb and I can't think anything for a while then migraine starting,

I can't play any video game 3D video games or any fast moving things giving me migraine,

Sun light or in the night time any sharp light like camera flash

And too noisy place

And when u skips breakfast or when I am hungry I have to eat same thing sweet even I eat suger same time sugar feels me good I though I am diabetic but I am not,

Most funny think is when I remind my self migraine pain

Then it's start aswell :)

But reality is migraine finish my ability

What I was capable to do now I can't just because of migraine like my singing and driving licence my professional job and many other thing which is other can do but I can't because of this monstor

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