Eletriptan / Relpax

Does anyone know please if the above triptan is no longer available. After 20 years of trial and error, I finally found that Relpax works for me,and the side-effects are minimal. I went to my chemist recently to re-order and was told that they can't source it as there are...'Long-term manufacturing problems and it may have been discontinued'. I really hope that isn't the case.

Many thanks

Man of Kent (John)

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  • I've had problems too but at the moment it does seem to be available. I agree that it's the most effective of the triptans so I hope the blip is temporary.

  • woodlog: Thanks for this, I had big problems getting my GP to let me change to this triptan, but now that I know it works, want to keep with it...

  • I have this triptan. Reordered it over the weekend. So they definitely distribute it. Although I understand the over the counter sumatriptan (immigrants Recovery) has sourcing problems because the factory burned down.

  • sckd69: Many thanks for your reply. I decided to check into this further and phoned my nearest Boots store to ask if they had any. I was told that yes they were in stock. I then asked if there was a problem in getting more supplies and they said that as far as they were aware, there is no problem with supply. Now I am thinking this my be financial on the part of my local chemist? They told me once before that I would have to wait for sometime if I wanted to order through them and only when I made a fuss did they miraculously produce some fairly quickly. I intend to call on them and ask why they told me what they did, when they clearly ARE available...

  • If it's manufactured at the same UK factory as my triptan injections, I have been notified that the factory is closed for refurbishment and production won't re-commence until 2016 - I can't use the Immigran injection system because of a diseased hand so I am almost in a state of panic!!!

  • Sjblue: Oh! Many thanks. I have been to collect my prescription this morning and asked again about the availability and this time was told that the tablets they have given me are old stock and they tried to re-order from their warehouse, who told them the manufactures cannot supply, but didn't give them a reason. Hmmm...I don't know what to do now. I too am panicking like you. These are the only thing I have found to work for me without major side-effects. Guess I'll start by contacting my G.P. but not hopeful...

  • I have an update for you on this drug. I contacted Pfizer direct (the makers) and they told me my local warehouse would be Croydon and that Croydon have ample supplies of the drug. It is NOT being discontinued and there are no current supply issues, although there was a short term one. They said that my chemist should know there are supplies at Croydon and if not should phone Pfizer direct, as I have done, and they would sort it out.

  • My goodness!!! Who in the States knew you Brits would have "single-source" issues . . . 'comes with the territory, I guess. It's a completely non-medical issue nevertheless effecting the health of you Brits . . . I work around people who deal with single-source suppliers, and when a medication - as opposed to a stapler or a fax machine - suddenly becomes unavailable, all the same flimsy excuses that apply to staplers and fax machines are heard; as if the consumer could just go to Office Depot and get a substitute for medication!! Does anyone else get a headache just thinking about the Business Mentality of Medical Management? 'Sorry - I know you Migraine sufferers are suffering hugely and might not find that amusing, because late last year I had horrible Migraines and had to stop using Prednisone for arthritis pain. I wonder what my rheumatologist will say when I ask for something OTHER than Tramadol as a sub. for Prednisone (the Tramadol side effects are awful). I'm still pestering the Kaiser Migraine people because it's an overall Pain Mgt. area for them, and I'm hoping to meet someone who "gets it". Good luck, all, surviving your medical bureaucracy.

  • I'm not even sure it is/was a single source issue here but it seems to have been resolved anyhow. It was my chemist/Drug store telling me that the warehouse which supplies them with the drug could not do so and that I wouldn't be able to source it elsewhere as there was a 'Manufacturer problem'. I called the manufacturers direct and found there is no problem with supply, they checked the warehouse concerned for me whilst I was on the phone and said they have ample supplies. They suggested maybe the chemist had been 'lazy' and told me they had checked when in fact they hadn't.

    I called my chemist and told them what the manufacturers had told me and they said they (the chemist) would 'check with the warehouse again and call me right back' they didn't! Or at least no thus far and so I guess I won't know for sure until I place an order for more supplies.

  • Hi, sorry to hear that. Relpax/eletriptan is manufactured by many companies in Canada, where I live. Did you try to buy it online? Its sold worldwide, Eletriptan is cheaper than Relpax. Btw be careful with this medication, its very addictive. I was on it for 2 years non stop. Now Im off them completely! Happy I am not addicted to them anymore, because they were expensive and not covered by any insurance here in Canada and gave rebound headaches every single day for 2 years. I take Flunarizine instead ( beta blocker ). But when it gets really bad I can take 1 eletriptan, but always trying the alternative first.

    Good luck and try the internet, they sell this drug on amazon. Just have your prescription ready.

  • Thanks for your reply. I haven't tried to buy online because I have a prescription from the NHS that provides it free of charge. If you look at one of the other replies you will see that the problem seems to be sorted now actually. I know all about addiction problems with triptans too ;-) I have suffered migraines for 50 years and have tried many plus all manner of other treatments. I had the very same problem using Zomig (Zolmitriptan) All I can say is they work for me and I need them much less than previous triptans I have used, so the risk of addiction seems less?

  • So glad your supply issues have been resolved! My situation, however, is as Fran has noted - single source supplier of pre-filled sumatriptan injections (Sun Pharma). I have a small 'stash' which I have learned over the years to accumulate. Keeping fingers crossed that I can last until next year.

  • Hi John, I take the same pills too and occasionally my chemist runs out for the same reason. But it doesn't seem to be a permanent situation. Might be worth shopping around different chemists in your area to find out who's got them in before you go on a wasted journey to get your medication.

  • Thanks Cathy,

    Yes, I have had to do that previously actually. I did say to my chemist that I would try elsewhere and made a point of asking for my prescription back, which he wasn't going to return to me saying that..'everyone else will tell you the same thing' (no stock) It seems to be sorted for now anyway, but it has made me aware that I need to think about supply before I get close to running out. Thankfully since I have been using Relpax, my migraines have decreased quite a bit and so I don't need to replenish as often as I once did.

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