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My daughter has been suffering with daily migraine with aura which has been ruining her life. We have tried all the traditional routes to no avail. We then decided to try homeopathy with a renowned homeopath in Gloucestershire. She was given a pill and for the next two weeks she was even worse. Ii was desperate and we revisited the homeopath who seemed pleased that she was worse and confidentially told us she would be much better very soon. Within a week and following the most terrible day , her migraines stopped and she has been clear for a week. Keeping everything crossed. May be worth a try but make sure the homeopath has a good reputation .

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I saw a homeopath for my migraines too as had a bad time with them (get hormonal migraines around time of my period). Saw homeopath gor 4 appointments over a period of 5 months and can genuinly say I have had a massive improvement in frequency and severity of the migraines (used to find I took to my bed for days with them). Touch wood at the moment I still get a fuzzy headed feeling that I get when one is starting but by taking 3 aspirin and getting head down for a few hours I am finding I am recovering much quicker than I was. Been given supply of homeopathy remedy which I now only need to take if I feel things are worsening again.

Hope it helps your daughter too!


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