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Has anyone experienced cluster headaches spread out over a period of months or are they typically everyday over a few months?

My son's doctor thinks he may be suffering from CH but reading the info he gave me I'm not sure. It says CH occur daily and for short amount of time but he suffers over a period of months and never with 2 in a week. They occur at roughly the same time and he feels sick from the severe pain around left eye. When he gets an attack he goes straight to bed but sometimes has trouble sleeping and they always last at least 2 hours.

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Yes I am a cluster headache sufferer for the last 18 years and mine is during the month of 5-6 May to August 10-15 and the remaining months I am free from this @#$%+_)()* Evil. (No Bad words are enough to curse this pain)

It is very well tuned-up with our body biological clock and starts at the same time and even same minute every day.

Last year it was 5:15 pm evening and 3:30 am morning and it is hardly a minute late or earlier of its fixed time of 5:15 and 3:30.

In my case, it starts as in the beginning C H and than 2 days rest and gradually it comes daily and than twice a day with the passage of time and ends the same way.

Yes it lasts for 2:30 to 3:30 hours in my case and the life is a living hell during that time really

Severe pain in eye like someone is poking a hot burning dagger in the eye and in the left side of the head in my case.

Your son looks like a C H sufferer I am afraid and really feel very sorry for that as C H people know what pain is as it really lives up to its name of Suicide Headache.

Girls who have been through child labor/birth pain and C H report more pain in C H than Child labor/birth pain

God Bless Him I pray


Thank you. Would you say they progress overtime, get worse and more frequent?


Dear Like I said that it is fixed with the biological clock of our body and it is the same every year in case of episodic and I pray that it may not get chronic that runs during the entire year.

Yes the severity of the pain gradually increases with the age and at the age of 30 + it is the pain one can not explain with words. It won't get frequent and will follow its pattern but may get severe (I wish not in your sons case). Your son goes to sleep and the magnitude of this pain awakes the person from sleep and make him bang his head with walls and wanting to ______

(your son knows what I want to say).

Please be very patient with your son and trust me that you may not have suffered so much during child labor/birth that he is suffering on each attack, as some girls who have been with this pain and gone through child birth, have reported.

God Bless him and God bless you to see him going through this !@#W%$^&*()_ evil pain



I'm also a CH sufferer and it sounds like it might be them. One sided, in your eye and horrible pain. And at the same time. You can go days without one or they can come every day and they come in "clusters" of a few months usually.

the symptoms are very well described here:

I think the main ones are you are restless rather than wanting to sleep, your eye and nose will often run and its usually one sided. The pain is AWFUL!

They can vary in frequency, there is not always a pattern. There is preventative medication and treatment meds though and you should discuss these with the doc. If unsure he should refer you to a specialist neurologist as they know a lot more about it. I rely on my neuro a lot.

I wish you and him a lot of luck - it is debilitating.

Best wishes



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