Amitryptaline- has anyone had it make their migraines worse?

As I've stated in my other questions- I've been on 10mg 3 weeks now and was told in my second week to double the dose if there's been no change- I'm skeptical and havnt done so as I've been in bed suffering everyday! I think it's made them occur daily?? I'm already chronic as it is this treatment was supposed to ease it...

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  • Hi MigraineVictim - I have a constant headache (still trying to find cause and not entirely convinced its a migraine) and was put on amitrypatline. I lasted 2.5 weeks only (up to a dose of 20mg) but gave up as a) i was a zombie b) if anything i thought my headache was worse. When i stopped I definitely felt better, but i can't say how much of that was due to not being spaced out all the time.

  • My daughter had very similar effects of being on this drug. She had also been taking paracetamol which had countereacted the effects of the Amitrypatline. It was a difficult time veaning her off paracetamol but it made her life so much better. She now takes the preventative and does not have week long headaches. Hope this helps you.

  • Amitryptaline had no effect on my migraines either way, it just gave me really weird dreams.

  • I have suffered migraine for 37 years and have exhausted just about everything there is for migraine but nothing seems to prevent the continuous cycle of almost daily bad heads for several weeks at a time. My g.p wanted me to try Amitriptyline 25mg at 9pm each evening, it has been such a relief to be able to go 2 weeks migraine free. It has been a godsend to me. I would try and get more information about the length of time it may need to work for you,it was about 4 weeks for me. Hope this helps.

  • Amitriptyline, sort of calms my head down (took the edge of the constant low level pain), however befuddled my brain (what's left of it after a cluster attack). But Doc changed me to Nortriptyline which calms my head without the befuddlement.

  • hi , i saw you post and wanted to ask how your getting on with nortriptyline as my doctor has suggested i try this for chronic daily migraine. years ago i took amitriptyline but could not even function on 10mg! thanks for any advice

  • For me the Nortriptyline is fine, it does not fix my cluster headaches, but calms my head down, such the on-going background pain is reduces. It took about 3 months for my brain to respond, so not a quick fix, but better than not taking them

  • Thanks for the reply bobc1 . I think I'm going to try this drug if my next round of botox does not work . What strength do you take and do you suffer any side effects? Thanks

  • I have had Amitriptyline for a couple of months 20mg at night. It was working fine then now not so much?. Maybe i need a higher dose im not sure?.

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