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Has anyone suffered their first cluster headaches episode after suffering from severe back pain in the lumbar region?

My husband has been suffering from lower back pain for weeks and is experiencing what we think is his first episode of cluster headaches as he is showing all the symptoms on the NHS Choices checker. The hospital thought it was severe sinisitus and prescribed Diclofenac as well as antibiotics, and was advised to continue with cocodamol that he was taking for his back pain. The headaches are so bad that he cannot feel his back pain currently.

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I get a lot of back pain and cluster headaches. I found that a chiropractor has helped a little but not completely.

I don't know if the two are related. Some people say that they are.

Of the two, the clusters are definitely the worst thing. If your husband is showing the signs - look at this factsheet to check:

then you must get it diagnosed as soon as poss and get him some specialist help. Clusters are horrendous and lots of people respond to medication.

good luck with all this.



Thanks for your information. My husband has been officially diagnosed today with Cluster Headaches, his pain is still continous - waxing and waning throughout the day. He picks up meds tomorrow Sumatriptan and Verapamil. He was also the highlight of the consultants day as he had a young dr with him and used my husband to help with this drs training. We are left wondering however, if the MRI scan for his back last week may have been the trigger.


I'm really glad that he has seen a proper consultant and has picked up those particular meds. (Although the they didn't work for me, they definitely work for a lot of people and are the best place to start. you also might want to look into high flow oxygen alongside the sumatriptin for warding off an attack. Sumatriptan nasal spray can work but if it doesn't the injections work much quicker and better.

you might also want to look at the Ouch uk website which is brilliant if you want to know more about his illness. They have forum wehre you can ask questions as well. Nobody seems to really know what triggers these horrible headaches. It is quite a mystery.

I wish you both a lot of luck for a pain free future.



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