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Changed how I was taking propranolol

I have been a migraine sufferer for many years. My neurologist prescribed 20 mg of propranolol at night and 20mg in the morning. This never really worked for me and the morning dose made me very tired all day long.

I recently switched to 40mg about an hour before going to bed and nothing in the morning.

My results were immediate. Not even a hint of a headache for nearly 2 weeks and I am no longer tired during the day.

I was getting as many as five migraines a week always about 2:00am and above my left eye.

I am elated that such a minor change has made such a difference.

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how did you know to take 20mg? My dose is 80mg - and i thought that was a low dose. I choose to take it at night as it has affected my vision and makes me dizzy and tired.


The starting dosage was to see how I would tolerate propranolol. The neurologist increased the dosage when it was necessary. I do not like taking this drug very much as it makes me very tired when I take the 20mg tablet in the morning. I have no vision problems like you do.

I have since my posting, had Botox injections because the propranolol began to fail again and I was having 15 Migraines a month. The jury is still out on the Botox. I have had issues with it as well. My eyes are drooping as a result and I have lost being able to move my eyebrows, however it has cut the migraines by 50% in the first month.

Even with the Botox, I am still taking a total of 60 mg of propranolol, 40mg at night and 20 in the AM>Nothing easy about the Migraine issue!


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