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Suffering loss of use and altered sensation of hand/arm 5x now, time increasing each event, has any one else had this?

Hi All,

In November I suffered what I thought was my first hemiplegic migraine, side of face went all tingly, arm had and leg affected too, severe pain in back of head/top of neck. use of arm returned after 12 hours, head pain lasted another 8 hrs. I then had my second which was slightly different less head pain longer loss of use of arm, went to A&E after 15 hours only to be told it was not a stoke!

I have had 3 more since but am having minimal head pain and length of loss of use of arm/hand is getting longer each time, last week it was 2 1/2 days. But my arm/hand remain weaker than they were before all this started.

I happened to be going to see my GP when my had was at its worst so she has seen it and she is writing to my neurologist, but I wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

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I exerienced this once and my gp came out to my house to see me. He sent me to stroke unit and they kept me in for few days for tests. They said the MRI showed lesions on brain as a result of years of chronic migraines and that I had just had my first hemiplegic migraine. I had never heard of them before and the actual migraine at the time was relatively mild. It affected my left arm and leg, which as you say we're left weaker than before even though I was given exercises to get proper use back. I would definately try and see neurologist as soon as possible and get yourself checked out. All the best


Hi Shazzy

I went to A&E on the second one after 15 hours of loss of use and I had a CT scan and they said it was all clear and just discharged me! like you the migraine was relatively mild compare to other times. I am wondering if it is damage caused by the migraines too. Just calling GP to see if ther is any news from the neurologist. take care


Perhaps an mri scan would show more information, good luck


Thanks Shazzy, am waiting to hear form the Go who has written to the neurologist. Had an MRI of the neck but that was clear.... and so we wait.......!


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