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Signed off sick for another 5 weeks, now classed as 'disabled', Anyone else starting down the same road?

Went to see my manager today (fortunately it was a good day, just about pain free!)about returning to work after 6 wks sickness with chronic migraine (that have been happening for 9mths and are still happening), I have only had 4 consecutive pain free days since September.

My manager wanted to sack me as she felt I was not fit to be employed, but fortunately I had contacted Occi health only yesterday and said should I resign and she said absolutely not!

I pointed out my previous report from Occi Health said that my migraines should be classed as a disability, so that has been agreed. Not sure I like the label 'disability', but needs must as they say, and if it means I stay employed for a little longer then I will take it.

My manager doesn't want me back in work until I am completely pain free, not sure how long that will take, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later, the constant headaches and migraines are getting me down as well as the unpredictable nature of the migraines, never knowing what each day will hold.

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Well that's a first. It's about time we were taken seriously instead of being expected to join st get on with it. Good luck

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I went with all the evidence from migraine action website, I had previously showed it to Occi Health (and her) who wrote a letter stating that the Equality Act applied to me.

As I said she was ready to sack me!


I m going down the occupational health route. Been backwards and forwards for a year. I'm scared as I feel my boss would like to get 'rid of me too. OH seem nice enough but I really don't know if I trust them. I've been seeing OH for fainting . Time of the month makes it even worse . I have migraines too. My boss wasn't too pleased with the equality statement on my last report. Are u still seeing OH?


Yes I am, saw them last week, he just says he will review me in a couple of months. OH cant do a lot just recommend I stay off until I get pain free or at least the pain controllable.


it very much disable's you, maybe if we all could do that the health cares will put more cash into research its ruined my life since i got it four years ago, its the aura without pain.


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