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Bruising around my eyes

Hi all, we have had a question on facebook but with no response as yet, if you are able to comment, share you experience and help Lesley that would be great :-)

"Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else out there has been left with the same after effect that I have. I have what looks like bruising around my eyes. It changes color most days and ranges from black to like a greenish color. Hence why I describe it like bruises. My doctor did tell me that he thought it was to do with being sensitive to sunlight but this doesn't fit with my symptoms as when I'm away in Turkey relaxing it actually goes away. I think it's more to do with my stress levels and the pressure in my head. I have even worn factor 50 sun cream while here in the winter and it doesnt dissapear! My doctor won't believe me that it disappears when I spend a week lay by the pool in the sun and was hoping someone else has this. I have had it for 2.5 years now which is when i had meningitis and it appeared at the same time as my symptoms. i didnt have septicaemia. it is quite embarrassing, people think I've been in a fight!"

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Hi there, my eyes are the same, I've always got very dark circles which look greeny and bruisey. I've just put it down to dark circles as I'm always exhausted and if I ever get chance to get lots if R and R mine also decrease substantially. I can actually judge just how poorly and exhausted I am by my 'dark circles' if I'm going out and I want to look more alive I wear a pink concealer over them - this takes the green out Xx


Thank you for replying. Have you spoken to a doctor about this and if so what have they said? I've given up trying to explain to my doctor as they keep blaming it on the sun. I too use the darkness around my eyes of judging how tired or run down I'm feeling as it really does link to how I'm feeling. I've tried make up but the amount I need to use to get rid of it makes me look like I have applied it with a trowel! I'm lucky in a way as I wear glasses so it can't really be seen until I take them off. If I forget I'm out and about and take my glasses off people gasp when they see the colour.


I certainly developed blackened areas under my eyes which |I cant say I had noticed before, in spite of an ageing skin!! I did have redness to the whites of my eyes though for a very long time, a neurologist I saw suggested it may inflammatory. May sound odd, but I associated the eye changes with night sweats and when the night sweats finally abated my eyes started to become more normal. The hypersensitivity to light is uncomfortable, and I always wear sunglasses too, and factor 30. I find florescent lights or spotlights particularly bad, how about you? I find the under eye creams (at least we have that normality as women) are quite good, touch eclat (sorry to advertise) is quite good, or Bourjois concealer helps mine... good luck, I am 3.5 years now feeling much better generally but a few hangovers....still onward and upward!!!


I don't seem to have a problem with light to be honest. Infact my tolerance to light has greatly improved. Before I was ill I always had to have sun glasses on if it was sunny otherwise I would have a migraine. Now I can go out without my sunglasses and not struggle. The coloring is what gets to me as it is really noticeable. Even if it can't be got rid of an answer for it would help. I have a few after effects that cannot be explained and I think that's the worst bit. As my doctor keeps telling me I'm a complex case but that doesn't help with the coming to terms with it when you don't know what it is and if its damaging or how long it will last.


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