Meningitis Now

Where to start? From the begining!

My son Finn contracted pneaumoccocle meningitis at 7 and a half months old (now 9yrs) I find it really hard to put into words how I felt as I could never convey the emotions I felt at the time. We went from whats wrong with him to tests and more tests to intensive care to a critical care ward and then back to intensive care. finn's temp was way high,was constantly fitting(seizures) and was in and out of conciousness. Each time a new specialist came in and talked to other doctors in hushed tones, I used to look at their expressions to brace myself for what news they would be about to deliver. His little body was shutting down and there was nothing we could do but be there for him everyday at his side. We were told that the odds were against him and to expect the worst, though I wouldnt believe it and said I would be taking him home. We did bring finn home although the menningitis had left him with weak muscle tone and he was very floppy and needed a special chair to support him. He also had hemi plegia down left side, epilepsy(which really affected his development) scarring on his brain and possibility of deafness(which was tested later and he was profoundly deaf) At the time all of this ment nothing i was just so so glad to have him back.

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Hi Kim,

I have just read your post, it almost feels like reading my own families story. The final line of your post is EXACTLY what my wife and I say repeatedly.


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