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help my lifes not healthy

i am struggling to cope with my two children contracting meningingis b my daughter caught in 2008 at 16months and spent 2 weeks in intensive care and my son leo passed away from it june 2010 he was 6 months what ripped my life apart he was my life him and my daughter i tried to carry on and got pregnaunt and had my son niko june 2011 i never grieved properly but now he is beautiful and nearly 9 month and i am so petrified of him getting it he has loads of tests and stuff to prevent it but im scared to take him out im soo scared. its ruining my life its not healthy x

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Firstly I would like to say I am so sorry to hear about your loss and it must be really hard for you. Have you spoken to anyone for advice? There is a great organisation called the Meningitis Trust who have a 24 hour help line to give advice for people suffering from Meningitis and the effects of Meningitis, take a look at their website and there number is 0808 80 10 388, I had Meningitis last year and I didn't know about the trust and I really wish I did at the time as it’s one of the hardest things I have ever been through. I found that speaking to my close friends really helped me and I am now giving advice to others who are suffering from Meningitis to try and help ease their pain. My advice to you would be to give the trust a call and speak to one of the team as they are very good and helpful. Try and stay strong and positive and don’t fear the worse for your 9 month old as you have just had really bad luck in the past. Do you have someone close to you to speak about your feelings and to see if they can offer advice to you? If you would like to ask me anymore questions please feel free to do so.

I am so sorry again for your loss and please try and stay strong and don’t let Meningitis ruin your life.

Take care and stay strong..


Thank you for being brave and posting your story. As the previous post mentions, we are here to help and we do not want anyone to suffer in silence. I have sent you a private message.

Best wishes



Hi there,

I read your story on here last week and been thinking of you and how similar our fears are. My 2nd son, also Leo, contracted Men B at 7 months. He made it through, unlike your little Leo and I can't stop thinking how that easily could have been us. I haven't lost a child to meningitis but we have been deeply affected by it and can understand a little of the complete trauma that you went through and are still going through. We have since had a 3rd, a little girl, and I am terrified of it happening again. She has just passed 7 months and I agree, it eats away at me, niggling at the back of my head all the time. Any time she is under the weather I double, double check her all over. Stupid I know but I don't think it will ever leave us and I suppose that's OK, you know? You have been such a brave mum. I often think of meningitis like an unseen enemy, ready to pounce at any time. It is an evil disease and it takes away the most vulnerable and youngest. You are not alone with these thoughts and this fear. But we must plod on! You must get him and you in the fresh air and be thankful for every day you have with him. Bless your little Leo x


I would like to say I am so sorry to hear about your loss, and i would say talk to yoru doc, friend anyone you know, the more open you are the more the fear will go, you have to be honest, ay about your fears, my heart goes out to you, and you have been very brave, its like Lanys said "meningitis like an unseen enemy" and people just do not relise how it can change everything, how fear can come from no where, but darling please talk and keep talking talk that fear away, i send you all my love . mandy


thankyou for all your support i really appreciate it my lil boy niko has had several immunity tests done and bloods and they have all come back clear it is such a big weight lifted as a feel i could return back to work and hopefully start to move forward i do still get very very anxious about new or 'not clean' people or anything being around my children but it is looking alot brighter for me it will be 2years since leo june and i do really hope i can move forward but never foget my gorgeous little angel i do alot of work with meningitis uk and have raised £5,558,12 for him so far i should be doing another soon which im quite exited for thanks again for the support katie x


I have just joined this site in the hope of being able to support other grandparents because when we lost our beautiful Hannah two years 11months in september 2002 i foundvery little support for grandparents. When you are trying to cope with your own grief and support your child it can be very hard. You feel so alone. Perhaps ibn the 10 years she as been gone things have changed and there is more support for grandparents. I just want to say though we still miss our little angel and our hearts always carry this sadness as a family we have learnt to live with the pain My daughter did go on to have another little girl Both were ivf so you can learn to move forward though i still think of my little princess every day


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