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Cousin Might Have Meningitis

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So basically this started in around May / April! My cousin got this rash on his stomach and its been here for AGES. We are currently finding a doctor and we did the glass test but his rash would not dissapear!

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Meningitis usually strikes quickly, and the rash is one indicator but not necessarily the only symptom of meningitis. The other common symptoms are a blinding headache (believe me I know, it felt like I had the whole England rugby team kicking penalties in my head), dislike of light, stiff neck, confusion and sickness. In fact, I believe the rash is caused by septicaemia rather than meningitis, but it is often associated with the disease hence the glass test.

If in doubt though, go straight to an emergency department (as A&E is now called) rather than wait to find a doctor as meningitis can kill quickly. Even the widely perceived 'mild' form of the disease (viral meningitis) can kill so if in doubt act fast. It's better to go to the ED and find that the fears are unfounded rather than wait to see.

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