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Viral meningitis


I have had VM, unfortunately the virus was not a usual strain so I did not respond to any IV treatments they usually give to VM patients. I had to fight it myself with a temp of 40.2. How long will the headaches last? Been in hospital 3 weeks only recently discharged and scared for the future .Any advice about returning to work also would help. Thanks

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I had near fatal VM in 2002 and so I hope my experience can help. If I'm honest, it's very difficult to say how long it will take you to recover and return to work. Each episode of VM is unique to the person with the diagnosis. For some people VM can be something that barely gets noticed and for others it's a long slow process to recover.

I think the best advice I can give you is rest, rest, rest and when you've done resting then rest some more. A common theme with most VM sufferers on here is that if you do too much too soon it will set you back. I did exactly that because doctors told me it wasn't serious as it was only VM even though I could barely string a sentence together and had to learn to walk again. Three days after I was discharged from hospital, bearing in mind they only kept me in for 3 days as 'it's only viral meningitis so it's not serious' despite almost succumbing to the disease, I was rushed back in under blues and twos with heart rate dropping through 27 and no lower blood pressure.

Recovery from VM is I'm afraid unpredictable but for me I worked out two things. Firstly you may have to adapt what 'normal' is and secondly you need to finish every day like you could have done more. That way you know you have rested enough.

I know it's frustrating but recovery from VM can take time. All the best, Jonathan

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