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Strange Headaches after viral meningitis


Has anyone experienced a sonic boom type sensation followed by a headache two weeks after having viral meningitis? I don’t know how to properly describe the sensation other than it seemed as if my brain went into hyper speed while the rest of the world and my body stayed in place. The pain was immense and within moments everything was fine except a dull thud headache.

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That's how I felt the day I got sick. Like a lightning bolt hit me; everything around me was moving quickly, the noise was turned up too 12. Most strange feeling I've ever experienced. The neck and pounding headache started about two days later. My mind still hasn't adjusted back to normal. Best of luck!

I am 23 months post VM and in the beginning I did get strange headaches. I described mine as “zaps” . It felt like little bolts of lightning through my head. To be honest they still happen once in a while. I can tell you from my journey and the stories takes a while for everything to settle down. It’s part of the new normal , but it does get better everyday. You just have to focus on the journey to wellness. Good luck you can do it.

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