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Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome


I was DX with VM in June of 2019 & again in August 2019. With test results, my dr could not determine if my numbers were still coming down or starting to climb back up.

So he started a second round of the IV antiviral Acyclovir.

I have been having Severe health issues ever since my first DX (I.e.; respiratory infections, wounds won’t heal, sleep issues, and debilitating fatigue.

I have now been DX with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, but haven’t found a physician that can or will treat me, other than for depression, which I do not feel is an issue.

Has anyone else been DX with PVFS or had severe health issues after having IV acyclovir treatments and if so have you found a dr or treatments?

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I think you will find that fatigue is a very common sympton post Meningitis. Your brain 🧠 has been injured and it takes some time for most brain injuries to heal. Drs still know very little about this illness. I have found homeopathic medicine is good for clearing ill effects of antibiotics and assisting with other symptons. I had a few treatments of craniosacral massage and that helped initial severe fatigue. Later Bowen therapy was a wonderful help for headaches and fatigue. Drinking lots of water, eating good whole unprocessed food. Taking vit supplements and probiotics. Resting resting resting resting and more resting is the best medicine for letting your body heal. There is no magic cure. This is a severe illness. I hope you find things that help. I am afraid the medical model had nothing to offer me after initial treatment

how r u feeling now? did he check on your viral menigitis again?

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