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Long term immune system and co concentration difficulties


Hi, I am 53 and had bacterial meningitis and septecemia at age 2. I was in a coma for weeks and my mum was told to expect the worse. Growing up I caught everything going including mumps, measles and German measles, some more than once. I was a sickly child and as an adult have continued to struggle with my immune system I also have always struggled with my concentration, anxiety and fatigue. Is there anyone out there this far post op who has experienced this?

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Hi there Bumbledino😍❣️ I LOVE that username, by the way😋...it looks and sounds like boisterous good humor and radiant joy expressed in letters😁 That seems to suit you perfectly, despite all the incredible challenges and ongoing hardships you have faced throughout your life (and my goodness, have you ever been through some heavy duty hardships😳! I was moved to tears as I read your story, and felt tremendous compassion for the path you've had to walk, the battles you've had to fight, and the obstacles you've had to overcome😢).

I'm more sorry than I can say for all the pain and struggle you had to endure as a fragile, trusting newborn, and as an innocent little child, and then again as a brave and perseverant adult; you've faced challenges that would have broken the strongest and toughest amongst us, and faced them several times over besides😮...if that's not the very definition of impressive and inspiring, I don't know what is😋.

You have so much to be proud of and so many accomplishments and personal characteristics that are worthy of admiration and praise😍. I truly believe that you and your story are lessons to others in courage, fortitude, and faith, and should be an example to us all of what it looks like to handle life's lemons with grace and acceptance while we go about the work of turning them into lemonade😉

That's why I mentioned earlier that I was certain the good humor and radiant joy I gleaned from your username is abundant to overflowing in your heart, and inextricably woven into the very fabric of your spirit, because only a soul as brave and selfless as this could have endured what you've endured, and endured it without resentment, self-pity, or anger😍

In truth you have every reason to be bitter and self-absorbed, which makes your commitment to persevere--and to persevere with grace and courage--all the more inspiring☺️.

That's the message I wanted to give to you tonight the moment I saw your post, so you wouldn't be left in anxiety and isolation while you waited for replies to come in😋. (I saw the forum's posted suggestion that "something as simple as an encouraging word may be all it takes to give Bumbledino the boost they need", and took it to heart😍; I very much hope that my message fulfilled that need for you, at least in small part, if such a need existed for you😋).

But I also wanted to tell you that I might have something to offer in answer to your question (as to whether or not anyone else had a similar experience to yours). Unfortunately, I had a severe anaphylactic reaction to an infusion earlier today, and I'm feeling rather poorly tonight as a result😳; also, it's getting close to

Midnight here in Colorado USA😍--so if it would be alright with you, I will sign off for now, but I promise to return to this thread tomorrow and answer your question in greater detail😉. I just couldn't bear turning in after reading your post, without sending a reply and words of admiration and appreciation to you first, so you would know as quickly as possible after posting your message that you have been heard, and that you're not alone in your experience, and your experience is inspiring and influential and has touched many hearts (including mine😊). Best wishes for a good night's sleep, with wonderful dreams and an abundance of energy, optimism, and healing come morning💗

Wow! I was blown away by your reply. Thank you so much for your kind words. I have never seen myself as a warrior more as a survivor of a life threatening illness that could have left me with even greater challenges. I would love to hear about you at a more sociable hour! Once again thank you. I am off to work, hope to hear from you later. Have a good day 🙂

Hexy in reply to Bumbledino

Hello brave and strong we survivors. In answer to your question, Yes I was 35 now coming up to 61 I'm still being treated from menoencephalitis, memory issues confusion anger depression mixed up conversations, I get lost in replying correct answer! Don't like crowds, noise, apparently my personality has changed. I didn't believe anyone at the time. I was just angry all the time, because I didn't remember memories we shared and thought they were lying to me. I understand now. I had fantastic support from my GP as he had it as an intern. In fact he saved my life. So many men's like a swivel door, specialists who were actually specialist in this field, I'm still suffering headaches balance problems memory loss back pain. I see cranial naturopath every week. I can now laugh at my jumbled conversations with people. Have a brilliant supportive husband and best friend who is like a sister to me. She has great memories with photos of us together but I don't remember them. The photos are cool though.😀 So you are not alone, a woman I know who is middle 30's was always telling me the same symptoms as me. Turned out she had VM age 2. She asked her mum. There's probably lots like her out there. I hope they ask questions and get answers. Smile laugh cry. Draw, paint , walk just be you. Wonderful miraculously you. We are all special. Look how we are helping other's like us. Love to all of us .xxxxx

Wow! After all these years you still struggle with those issues? I'm 44 and its only been a year since my Bacterial meningitis. You live in Germany?

Bumbledino in reply to yomomma

Hi yomomma, I am in the UK, you?

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