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I had spinal meningitis when I was a baby. They had "lost" me three times before it was all over. Doctor said I was going to be fine, just will have migraines the older I get, and they will get worse. My question is, since I've had it once already right after I was born, I am 34 now, can I contract that again? I have no health insurance, no doctor. Any opinions, advice, you name it would be awesome! Thanks

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Once you've had meningitis your odds of getting it again increase. Get vaccinated asap against any and all types you can. I know it can get a bit expensive, but it's way cheaper than another hospital stay and all the negative health that can come from meningitis. I simply skip one meal every other day or take all my change at the end of the day and toss it in a jar and skip that extra non essential item at the store or whatever and sooner than I think I have the money saved for things like that.

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