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CSF Leaks (cerebral spinal fluid)


I had pneumococcal meningitis last may at the age off 46 this is unusual.

Over the last year i have had battles with GP and ENT and finally got diagnosed with a CSF leak (cranial) leak is behind ear bone, this is how i got meningitis caused by years off chronic middle ear infections. I have a month to go before operation and am risk off getting meningitis again.

Mine is positional and only leaks when i lean forward or lay on my front it comes out off right nostrel. It is like water and can taste slightly salty.

I have several leaks and need a neurologist and ent surgeons to do my operation.

I have noticed that a few people on here have had reoccurring meningitis and this is one way off that happening its just a bit off information that may help some people.

Cheers Jackie

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Gosh you've been through alot you poor thing.Glad you have a date for your surgery .The drs and nurses will take good care of you.

Look forward to hearing how it all went afterwards so we know you're on the mend x

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