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74 year old with bacterial meningitis


Hi, just wondering if anyone else had a diagnosis of strokes with their case. My 74 year old mother in law was diagnosed with pneumonical meningitis just over a week ago. She is only responding to pain, but not in the way they were hoping to see. She had to have a drain put into her head to relieve the pressure. And an MRI has shown a medium sized stroke but she also has about 6 other smaller strokes. All the doctors have said they’d have hoped to see some sort of improvement by now. We’ve basically been told due to her age and the fact that there have been no improvements the likelyhood of a good outcome are basically nil. I’m beginning to realize just how specific this horrible illness is for each and every case. Just wondering if this is sounding similar to anyone else’s case. If anyone can offer some kind of hope. It’s all just been bad news followed by more bad news. She has so many tubes and things being pumped into her. This has also caused fluid on the lungs, a heart issue and problems with kidneys and liver. She is also now battling another fever. My heart goes out to each and every person who is on this site.

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And our hearts go out to you. Meningitis is a horrible disease and there are many of us who were younger and in better health than your mom, yet still struggle with recovery.

Miracles do happen. Good luck to you and your mom. Keep us updated. xo

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