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Meningitis Now
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Hi I have a question about tb meningitis. My niece 13 yewrs of age has it and she's on medication now for nearly 2 weeks. We are discharged from the hospital with the doctors permission. Is it normal that she still vomit 4 times a day? Thanks!

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It's better you contact the doctor ASAP.


My brother is also suffering from TB meningitis. He also suffered upto 1months after discharge. We had to take him to hospital again. Now he is recovering slowly. But he has the headache and neck pain sometimes.

From this blog I came to know that headache are common even if you are recovering. But fever and vomiting along with this means they are having some problems inside. So it's better to contact the doctor.

Be positive...take care of your cousin...she will be healthy soon . ☺


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