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Partial vision loss

My daughter (aged 23) had bacterial meningitis B almost 11 months ago.

When she was in the ICU she said that she couldn't see very well in her left eye and when she came home after 12 days she was able to tell us that it was the central vision in her left eye which was affected.

She had a follow up appointment with the consultant after 3 1/2 months and mentioned this to him (she had told her GP who said to ask the consultant). He said for her to get an eye test.

She went to the opticians, who did note she had central visual field loss, so he referred her to the hospital ophthalmology department.

After a 7 month wait, she had her appointment this week. The optometrist said as soon as she got in the room that he thinks it's something called entoptic phenomena and that the meningitis didn't cause it. He said it's because she has really pale skin and therefore a really pale retina. He did briefly examine her eye and test the pressure after he'd made his diagnosis, but that was it; we were in there less than five minutes!

So I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer.

1) has anyone else experienced partial vision loss after meningitis and how does it appear to you?

2) has anyone been told it's this entoptic phenomena?

3) what tests can be done to see if this is actually nerve damage or damage in the brain?

The sight in her other eye is good, but she has to strain to see past the blind spot with her peripheral vision in the left eye, which makes her eyes tired and gives her headaches. The eye doctor didn't see this as a problem and basically said get used to it!

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I'm 34 live in CA and was struck by BM at 12 Weeks pregnant - 4/24/17. I had two mini strokes and a blood clot in my brain. When I woke up in hospital after two days being unconscious, I experienced double vision in my right eye. I feel the strokes affected my vision. Double vision went away but my right eye was super blurry. My left eye completely fine. I was hospitalized for 12 days. After two weeks recovering at home, my right eye cleared up partially. So my peripheral vision is still blurry even today. I was referred to ophthalmologist right away. Had vision checked and a prepehial eye exam. He prescribed stronger eye glass prescription and said that should help with the bad headaches I was experiencing. I felt like the glasses helped bc I wasn't straining my eyes as much. Last month, I had eyes checked and my right eye even though still blurry has been improving. If I strain it I can see fine and getting used to the blurriness but don't get me wrong it's super annoying. My eye doc thinks maybe pregnancy is hindering my vision from coming back. I hope after baby is born in November I see a change in my vision. I have been wearing my eye glasses almost 24/7. I hope your daughter's vision improves. Lots of prayers.

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