Viral Meningitis

I'm 25 days since coming out of hosp being diagnosed VM . Today has not been a good day and I haven't done a thing apart from take my daughter to school this morning . My heads hurting feel dizzy etc !! Days likes this make me feel really scared 😞

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  • Hi, I would say 25 days is very early in your recovery. Everyone on here has had different experiences though. I had meningoencephalitis back in 2008 and it took me probably 12 months to feel in anyway normal. I don't say that to put you off, but rather to let you know it can be a long recovery process.

    I'd suggest just trying to do as little as possible, plenty of rest, dont push yourself too much, it's a serious illness. I had 5 months off work and I was really tired all of the time. I did have a headache for about 3 months and the morning I woke and it had gone I can remember as if it was yesterday!

    If in doubt always speak to your Doctor, I found that once they understood the illness you've had, they're very helpful..


  • Thank you Graham for you're reply and I'm glad you are better.

    I was at the doctors today as I had got myself worked up so no sleep last night and when I woke felt like I did again when I first got out of hospital . I am my own worst enemy - as in I think I should be much better by now , and hadn't taken in how poorly I am/have been .

    The doctor was lovely and explained it is going to take alot of time that I won't just feel better I've got to rest and heal . Like she said some people's bodies take 6 weeks for a cold and I've had Meningitis and now a virus which is causing all my sinuses to hurt , so no instant remedy just time .


  • I too was my own worst enemy. But after talking to the Doctor I sat down and "talked" to myself. I started from the beginning; I'm alive, this was serious. I was never ill, I'd never been in hospital before, only to visit. I woke up in a Neurological ward at night. I can clearly remember just looking at a nurse, I couldn't speak, or move.

    And I often looked back as a reminder how bad I was. Improvement was slow, I wouldn't say I was better everyday, but overtime things did improve. In the back of my mind I clung onto the "I'm still alive" thought.

    Also don't forget, it's your brain that was ill - I always thought that pretty scary and it will take time. I now like mention to family and friends if I can't do something (which I couldn't do before either) that I've had a brain injury - and what do they expect! Always gets a groan now of course, maybe I over use that excuse ;-)

  • Hey. I am 5 weeks out. Still have so many issues but have to just get through the day as I too have school run and full time work. I feel for you. People don't realise we don't just get better. My doctor says it's a slow crawl. Hang in there.

  • Thank you , yes that's the worst part a lot of people I know and friends don't realise how bad you can feel and that you just don't get better quickly , they just can't comprehend it .

    I'm glad I've found this site and that others have been the same as us and give you their experiences.

    Some days I feel much better than others and I think yeh ive cracked it and then feel terrible again.

    Let's hope we are both well on the way soon

  • Breath and close your eye and count slowly to 10 do this 5-10 times in a nice quiet someplace when your you've done it 5 or 10 times it will at least I hope you will feel a little better I know it helps me. Think about cloud floating in the sky. Calm time is so important right now then you can regroup and do other things with the kids - not that I have kids. 😊❤️👌

  • Bacterial meningitis is so sneaky, all it takes is an innocent ear ache, then sinus infection, then flu, I also am diabetic and have bacterial MRSA had traces in my nasel cavity. All of these things one at a time can do you in all of them together and it's a snowball rolling down a mountainside just waiting to burry me at the bottom which knocked me out cold for about 10 days hibernating with the help of coma inducing medicine to give my brain and body a fighting chance. Well that fighting spirit is still needed I'm just nine months into my recovery and right now there is so much I've gotten back but there so much more I need to work on getting back. Ups and downs, a roller coaster that keeps us guessing all the time. What new crazy curve ball will it throw at us today. I go moment by moment 1 step forward 5 steps back it's a life sized version of the game "Sorry" but like Dory I just keep swimmin' just keep swimmin'. I think I can I think I can. That's what gets me through the day! Sorry I went on a tangent all over the place😊❤️thanks for listening , Rebecca

  • Wow Rebecca you have so much to deal with and have been a true fighter for the past 9 months .

    I to need to get some fighting spirit - on th good days I have a lot on the bad just curl up and want to shy away from the world.

    But I have 2 gorgeous kids a husband and a puppy lol that all need me so I will get better xxx

  • A bit a time

  • Be kind to yourself, practice being kind each time you take a breath. Things will get better. I have not had VM, but my husband has, and is still in recovery. You will find your way out of this, it just takes time. My very best to you in your journey, Michelle

  • Thank you , and all the best to you and you're husband .

  • Hi there, please read my daughter, Rosie S's Story on this site. She, like you was in a terrible state post VM, but after having some cranial massage sessions, from a cranial osteopath, she is pretty much cured and feels back to her old self. It's the only thing that worked for her after trying antidepressants and varied painkillers. This has been such a recent breakthrough, that she has been in local newspapers and now a radio station would like to interview her in order to spread the word. Wishing you luck with your recovery. Xx

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  • It can take months. Be kind to yourself. Your brain was injured. The amazing thing will be to watch it fight back! It's totally fascinating. Lots of good fresh air, good food, positive self talk.

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