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After effects of bacterial Men

Hi, I'm a lucky survivor of bacterial meningitis. My parents were given a 50/50 chancestry I'd survive at 17 and here I am nearly reaching 40! It seemed I'd gotten away with it unscathed. However, lately I'm recognising changes in my memory. My speech has detriorated and im even sometimes mixing words up. Does anyone know whether having suffered meningitis years ago can start to have an affect on you years later? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cat :)

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Hi and welcome. Yes, I survived it too, 15 years ago but I had instant memory issues (retrograde amnesia) and character changes and the illness caused emotional and financial chaos. You have done really well to have about 20 years with no problems but this is a nasty illness and it is very possible that your current issues are connected to it. Go and see a GP and make sure they know you had BM then they can maybe refer you to a neurologist. The very best of luck to you


Thanks for your reply Abi, sorry too hear you suffered after effects like those. I noticed very small changes a few years ago, but now they are getting stronger and I think I'll have two go and speak too a GP. I can't just put it down to getting older and not being as sharp as I used to be! Using the wrong words, forgetting how some words are spelt or just being able to find the right words as having memory blanks! Feeling really vague or spaced out. It's knocking my confidence. :(


I contracted MM in February 1969 in the US Army. I have had Migraine headaches for 47 years 5 TIA's Atrial Fibrilation, diabetes, PTSD and much more. Unfortunately the consequences are long term.


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