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no idea what information to give my son

my son is 12 and was diagnosed with vm 7 weeks ago he is no better than when it started he if off school and there not happy but doctors are less than helpful we are still waiting for results of mri we had two weeks ago the only info we have has been bits we got of internet as doctors have just left us with no informatin at all please help

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There is a lot of misunderstanding unfortunately about VM with many of the opinion that it is no worse than flu and recoverable equally as quickly. But as all those on here who have had VM will tell you .....that for many the recovery takes a bit longer and for some there are e.g lasting headaches. Are the school wanting him to return straight back attending full time or are they understanding and agreeable to a gradual phased return being built up over several weeks or more if necessary?

The best place to get excellant information is where you can download or request info to be sent to you, which would also be helpful to give the school a greater understanding. Plus there is other support you can access - home visit, alternative therapies etc. I would also encourage you to ring the Meningitis Now helpline Freephone 0808 80 10 388 where you can offload the difficulties you are having and talk things through. They can also send you relevant info, signpost you to anything else that might be helpful and offer loads of understanding and support with all that you as a family and your son have been through.

Best wishes


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