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Muscle twitching through vm

Hi has anybody experienced muscle twitching caused by vm,I had vm in August 2015 and don't think it has ever truly left my body .for the past week and a half I have been having muscle cramps and twitching mainly in my calves but now and then in other parts of my body also a bit of neck stiffness and clicking in my neck any stories of the muscle twitching will be gratefully received thanks

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If it is a new problem then I don't think it will be related to the VM you had in August 2015. The virus will have resolved otherwise you would still be unwell and any after effects you would have been suffering since then, but with recovery occurring. Cramps can be related to an inadequate nutritionally balanced diet. I think it's Salt because although we are encouraged to have 'low salt' diets we do need some. Or can be stress or physical activity related. Could possibly be other medical reasons but with limited info about you, and because we are not medically trained on here, I would advise you to go and see your GP so they can discuss and explore more fully. I have experienced lots of facial twitching recently but I know that's because I am very stressed currently. Also sometimes, especially at night, if I do a big stretch of my legs I get painful cramps.

Best wishes


Hi there

As yoh get better you will notice things more it may not be that its new or like me the more you do something then you will get issues

Ive had pain in my calf and i couldnt walk

And my groin

A pulled muscle in my forearm

And i also im having physio due to back and neck stiffness which clicks and is painful my physio has give me excercises and it will be gradual

So it sounds about right to me

I was in hospital for a while still and then at home so the more you do the more things you will notice or get new 🤗


Also sometimes i twitch my head or somethingblike spasms sometimes i thinknits all part of healing


I had some twitching for awhile, I am now 7 months since vm and j don't notice it so much anymore. Although if this is new for you I do agree that it may be a good idea to ask your doctor. I also agree that it could be stress! I hope you figure it out soon!

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yes twitching was a constant for me for several months up to a year post vm - had physiotherapy for months also for the neck and back soft tissue damage caused by spasm - no doctor has ever explained how or what caused this when you have the virus - or any of the strange post vm issues - also had loss of feeling in face and lips on and off - all neurological I reckon

gp has no comment - its quite frustrating as it seems it is mostly considered a side effect and not significant if not impeding your quality of life - sadly it is for most

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