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Is it meningitis?

Today is wed. I woke up middle of the night on sun,with sore throat and thought flu is comming. Monday and tue felt unwell. Big shivering, massively cold, loss of apetite, sweating.

Today I went to dr, she gave me antibiotics and said, it could be viral MNG = meningitis.

If I will not feel better tonoght, to go to A&E.

I was also sick,mainly when I coughed the phlegm out.

Not now.

No rash.

I have scoliosis,wgich is spine not straight and suffer from migraines.

Now I have headache,and if I get up,feel weak.

Altough I ate only 2 pieces of fruit tday.

I do not have as big shivers or colds, but am scared to death, it is viral MNG? Any ideas? What you think?

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We are not medically trained on here so cannot advise on diagnosis. If you continue to be concerned and get worsening symptoms then you need to take your GP's advice and go to A&E. A meningitis headache is excutiating and unbearable. The only way meningitis can be diagnosed is by a lumber puncture.


If it were meningitis you would feel much worse and your headache would be "the worst headache of your life".

That being said it doesn't mean you are not sick and if you don't feel better after a few days of antibiotics you should go to the doctor again.

Feel better.

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Thank you guys for replies. Much appreciated. Have to say, I feel better. Which means,antibiotics worked :-) Am still not 100% but already better :-)


good to hear you are feeling better. :) Always consult your Dr and never take heath advice from people on the internet.


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