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Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation

Quick update, I had this procedure carried out 3 weeks ago to try to help relieve severe phantom pains that I was getting in feet that I do not have, so far so good, I have not noticed any change in the frequency of the pains but can report that the severity of these pains has certainly lessened. I appreciate that it is still early days but if things continue to improve I fully intend to reduce the medications that I currently take to the least amount that is needed to maintain my current pain levels, I have already reduced pregabalin by 150 mg per day and will further reduce this by a further 100mg daily at the end of next week.

I went with this procedure in the hope that I would benefit from it, but also that others may find that this is a treatment that may be of use to them.

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Thank you for sharing. ITs good to read that you are already feeling some benefit and will be really interested to know how this works for you in the longer term.

Best wishes


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