One leg shorter than the other?

Lucy was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis in February last year and thankfully made a full recovery - the consultant discharged her in July which I was very pleased about but couldn't help thinking if this was too soon? she was only 5 months so were they sure there were no lasting effects? well I have recently noticed she seems to have one leg longer than the other and wondered if anyone else had experienced this? could it be meningitis related?

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  • Hi Amanda

    That is so lovely to hear that your precious daughter survived BM. I am wondering whether she had Septiceamia as well as am thinking that if she had infection is the rest of her body it could have perhaps affected the growth plate in her bones. But I really don't know as it is just a random guess. However, regardless of why it has happened you need to take her for a check up with your GP so that they can advise you and if necessary refer for a hospital apt. As she is still pre school age you could also arrange to see your HV as to whether you should be concerned. Occassionally hip problems are not picked up in new born babies and only become apparent when they are walking so this would need to be checked out as well which is a problem that would not be due to the BM. I would suggest that you definately do take her to your GP.

    Very best wishes x

  • Thanks for replying. I'm not sure whether she had septicaemia or not, we didn't get a definite diagnosis of what strain of meningitis it was as luckily they started her on antibiotics as soon as she was admitted so they couldn't grow cutlure's. But as it was neonatal I think they are assuming it was GBS.

    I have an appointment booked with the GP for next week but just wanted to go in a bit armed as they seem to dismiss most things quite easily!

    I know it may be totally separate to the meningitis and just wondered what others thoughts were.

    Either way she's here and she's healthy and beautiful :) x

  • Hi Amanda

    I am wondering if you have been to the GP yet with Lucy and how you got on? Hoping something positive came out of it.

  • Hi. Thanks very much for asking, yes we have been to see gp and have been referred to a paediatric orthopaedic doctor and just waiting for the appointment to come through. It looks like there id a difference of 2-3cm

  • Hi Amanda

    Am pleased to hear your GP apt with Lucy went well and she is being referred to a paediatric orthopod. Gosh that is quite a difference which only will have become really noticeable once Lucy started standing and walking. Does the GP think her hip is dislocating or is it because there has been less growth in one leg?? Hope you don't have to wait too long for a paed ortho apt.

    Best wishes x

  • Doc said there was no obvious problem with the hip on her examination but she didn't indicate what she thought it might be so is just a waiting game now I'm afraid.

    Thanks again xx

  • I am sure the hospital will X-ray Lucy's hip which hopefully will show whether it is a bone growth plate problem or still could be a dislocated hip or some other problem but can't think what. Please do let me know the outcome. x

  • Will do and thanks for your concern x

  • Hi just keeping you updated, received lucys appointment with Ortho for 17th Feb so not too long to wait 😊

  • That is such good news that Lucy's apt isn't too longer a wait. Please let me know how it goes. It will no doubt be an anxious time for you on that day but hopefully you will be given an idea as to what might be wrong even if more X-rays or test have to be done. x

  • Good to hear that Lucy has her appointment soon, Do let us know if we can be of help,

  • Thanks Claire, you guys have already helped us loads 😊

  • So, we had Lucy's appointment yesterday and she has got DDH (hip dysplasia) and will need surgery followed by 16 weeks in a cast. The consultant said it wasn't meningitis related but I cant help thinking it must be? can one little girl be that unlucky that she gets meningitis and DDH?????? It is good that it has been picked up at this young age (even though it was me that picked it up!) but cant help feeling sorry for the poor little mite.

  • Hi Amanda

    DDH is not something we have heard of as being linked to meningitis. This condition is usually congenital (something present at birth). Although babies are usually checked for this condition shortly after birth, sometimes the condition cannot be spotted until the baby starts to grow and develop and other symptoms appear (such as the shortening of one limb that you noticed).

    It is more common in females and firstborn infants.

    Although the cause is not clear, there are certain risk factors which include a family history of the problem, fetal environment e.g. baby’s position in uterus or amount of water surrounding the baby, breach position or breech deliver.

    It is good to read that you picked up Lucy's problem early and that treatment can now be given to help correct treatment

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Claire,

    I didn't think it was but its just that none of the usual factors applied with Lucy, plus the consultant showed me an x ray from last February and it was normal.

    Anyway it doesn't matter I know, just glad she is getting sorted :)

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