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I had VM back in December 2011 still recovering. I have suffered a character change and not for the better, having become quite short tempered and aggressive. I am also finding it hard to concentrate on things. However the point of this post is that I seem to suffer from a great deal more colds than I did and when I do get them they hit me hard. Wonder if anyone else has suffered from this?

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Yes, I get every cold that goes around...and mine always lasts a few days longer than everyone else's. HOWEVER, and here's the GOOD PART: it was 38 years ago that I was stricken with a horrible case of BM...meningococcal septicaemia with DIC...and I've never had a single other medical illness (other than colds & flu...and daily headaches that I can control with Excedrin.) And I'm now a VERY active 70 yr old.

Time really does help us heal! It's a SLOW recovery but it DOES happen!

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In a word yes, I had near fatal VM in 2002 and I am still very susceptible to colds but I've learned that this just means my immune system is low and I need to ease up and rest. I found a direct link to doing too much and colds/infections and if you just press on the risk, at least for me as I also have Mollaret's, of the VM recurring is higher the lower my immune system goes. The character change is also quite normal too, if it's worse in the winter months, especially December, it could be seasonal affective disorder which the VM left me with. Hope this helps.


I was diagnosed with VM about 3 months ago and slowly recovering. Fortunately so far no colds or flu but I have really bad pains in all my joints. it seems to jump around and attack different areas but mainly in my neck and shoulders and sometimes in my wrists and fingers. Does anyone else have these symptoms and if so how long does it last for. I am on a daily dose of probiotics which hopefully will help my immune system.



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