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Bactria meningitis

When My daughter was 6 weeks old she had a really bad case of Bactria meningitis, it shock me and all of her family up. I was only 19 when I had my little girl so I was still young. How I font out was she wouldn't let me up her down her temp was 41•c and couldn't do anything for her. So me and her dad took her straight to a&e leicester royal and they said to me they have got to do a lungerpucher on her I cryed my heart out cause I had to leave my little girl after 5hours waiting to here the result back they came in and said she had bacterial meningitis well that when my world come crashing down. After to weeks of being in hospital my baby was discharge and was still seen up to her 1st birthday. The doctors can not believe how well she is because of how stronger the meningitis was. My daughter is 2 years how and fit and well.

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So glad ur little girl fought it my daughter was 4months old when she contracted Mengicoccal which is a bacterial growth in her blood and a bad case of meningitis she is now 2 and healthy as anything xx


It is so wonderful to hear this uplifting post of your daughter beating the odds when contracted Bacterial Meningitis and now at 2 years old being a delightful fit and well child. She is amazing to have come through with such a great outcome but at the time it will have been incredibly hard for both of you. Well done and best wishes


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