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What after care did your child get?

My baby was diagnosed with meningitis B at 11 months old. Thankfully she recovered and is now a beautiful happy 17 month old. My question is what care did you receive once your child was discharged from hospital? My little girl had 1 follow up appointment with the consultant where he asked general question about her health since and her current milestones. He discharged her at this appointment as he said he had no concerns. As she was still undergoing hearing tests he did suggest we get referred back if there was any hearing issues. However when we were in hospital I was told by a couple of doctors that she would need to be reviewed ever so often for 1 year. I felt that after such a horrific illness they have been very quick to discharge her with little follow up. She is still undergoing hearing tests. I don't have any concerns regarding her hearing but at appointments they haven't been satisfied she is reaching what she should. Do i ask to be referred back? Should she have had more follow ups once she was discharged from hospital? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry to read that your daughter contracted meningitis but pleased she made a good recovery. Follow up does vary depending on the individual needs. If you are concerned about your daughter you can ask to be referred back to the hospital. Meningitis now has a very good resource "My Journal" which has very useful information. Do contact us by our helpline 0808 80 10 388 or email if you prefer


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